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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  July 31, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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b.a.r.t. riders are hanging on. will bay area commuters incure another strike? here's what one union said tonight as it left the negotiations. >> we came, we sat, we talked, we exchanged proposals, we're done. >> good evening, i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. the clock is ticking toward another possible b.a.r.t. strike. take a look here. four days, one hour and 59 minutes left until the union deadline. the unions say commuters should be concerned, while b.a.r.t.
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management says there is still time to get a deal done. heather holmes tells us why tomorrow is shaping up to be a crucial day. >> reporter: frank, negotiators for one of the unions remained here upstairs with b.a.r.t. until just about a half hour ago, where representative the for the second union involved atu, they left about 6:30 tonight. chief negotiators did not sound very optimistic when they walked out. saying there had been progress on the smaller issues, but no progress at all on those three big economic issues. from a crowded evening commute on b.a.r.t., to no b.a.r.t. at all. the bay area braces for the possibility of a second strike. >> we've got four days left to bargain. of course there should be some concern. >> reporter: she said today's talks yielded no results on the major issues at the heart of
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this dispute. she accused of district of dragging its feet. >> we are waiting for their response. >> reporter: b.a.r.t.'s leading negotiator had limited response to talks about the progress of negotiation. >> you stated a little bit later than yesterday. >> ask the mediator. the mediators are controlling everything. ask the mediator. >> reporter: another sign of how far apart the two remain of the midnight sunday deadline. the unions have said they will likely issue a 72 hour notice of an impending strike if there is no deal. that negotiation could come tomorrow at midnight. >> it's a critical day. just yesterday, launched an ad campaign in an effort to launch public support. >> we've got time to get the contract down, simply because there's some disagreement right now, as to what a reasonable and fair contract is. doesn't mean that that won't
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change before the deadline on august 4. >> reporter: a short time ago, i spoke with the chief negotiator for saiu, and she tells me, until there is progress on the union's safety and economic proposals, there will not be any good news to report. she calls b.a.r.t.'s proposal inadequate. talks are scheduled to resume here in the morning. reporting live here in oakland, heather holmes, ktvu, channel 2 news. the san francisco ferry is ready to increase service in the event of a b.a.r.t. strike. it's also planning to start service earlier, and more runs between, and add more runs between oakland, alameda, and vallejo and add an additional landing. during the b.a.r.t. strike earlier this month, the sfa ferries reported an average of 18,000 riders a day. that's triple the number the
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normal number of passengers. or transit agencies are also getting ready. ac transit says is will add extra transbay service, depending on whether buses are available. and the bishop ranch business park in san real estate moan, managers have plans for increased express bus service from san francisco. they tell us they hope to have an additional bus stop in the south bay, as well as more van pools and ridesharing. here's another look at our count down clock. just four days left to bargain, before the 30 day contract extension for b.a.r.t.'s unions is set to expire. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage. get alerts on your tablet the moment we learn if the strike is on our off. follow us on twitter, like ktvu on facebook, or download the ktvu app. dozens of people attended a candlelight vigil tonight, as they try to focus the attention
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on a missing toddler named daphne web. the little girl was reported missing by her father three weeks ago today. >> reporter: the big news story changes every day, but daphne webb's grandfather said this is their headline every day. a missing child. they're trying to refocus attention on her case, and bring her home. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: a mother's sweet song for her daughter who isn't here to listen. >> i miss her every single day. >> reporter: 21-month-old daphne webb was reported missing on july 10. her father drove to a convenience store on international boulevard in oakland. he said while he was inside, someone took the toddler out of the back of the car. >> in jesus' name, amen. >> reporter: tonight, the family held a vigil, trying to
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keep daphne's name in the spotlight and bring her home. >> i know somebody somewhere knows something. we're looking to hear from you. i don't care if you just knock on the door and drop her off, good enough for me. >> reporter: at the apartment, where daphne lives with her father, there's a sign that's been there so long, the bright ink has faded. >> we don't know why he didn't show up this time. we'll be able to see him on the next one. >> we would like for him to be here for whatever circumstances. >> reporter: daphne's mother, who said she saved tears for moments alone couldn't hold them back. ♪ and i know ♪ he's watching my daphne ♪ >> reporter: now an oakland police spokesperson tells me
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they have no new information in this case. the family has been passing out these flyers and posting them all around oakland. they have also set up a website called find baby daphne. oakland police hosted an ice cream social today in an effort to foster good relations with the community. police say if they can establish trust with young people, they can build on that, to gain the trust of their families. officers say they want to create dialogue, which they believe can help deture crime. >> a lot of people think we're able to solve cases like they see on television, but the reality is, we solve cases by access, and cooperation. >> reporter: today's ice cream social was the fivest held around the city this month. the first report of the fire came at 7:10 this evening in concord on the 2700 block of bonifacio street. the house where the fire
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started is now a total loss. according to a fire department spokesperson, the family that lives at the home says a candle in the back bedroom ignited a curtain, and that's what started the fire. fire crews made quick work of a grass fire that ignited just before 4:00 this afternoon east of livermore, the fire was burning in a remote area on land known as sight 300. it belongs to the lawrence livermore lab. about 28 acres were burned. one structure was destroyed, and an rv was burned by the flames. an antioch man was in court and pleaded not guilty in a bloody atech. 23-year-old barry white is charged in the deadly shooting and stabbing of two women july 12. the store's owner was seriously hurt. prosecutors say white attacked the women because he believed he was overcharged for a
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purchase. there were some rattled nerves south of market today, after residents reported a loud explosion. a fedex driver called 911 around 2:00. he said he heard a loud boom coming from the back of his truck. the bomb squad responded, however, police found no evidence of an explosion. two people we talked with, said they heard a similar blast on monday. >> we saw this smoke, white smoke coming up. >> and now it's happened again today. >> yeah. so that's very peculiar. >> reporter: police believe someone threw a large firework, under that fedex truck. a passenger injured in asiana flight 214 has now filed a lawsuit against the airliner seeking money for damages. she is a professor at the university of shanghai. he is in the bay area visiting
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family, and is being treated as an outpatient at stanford hospital. in the south bay, two elected officials organized a blood drive, even though they weren't allowed to actually donate themselves. they're hoping to change a 30- year-old policy barring gay men from giving the gift of life. >> reporter: they helped host today's blood drive. >> i think this is a public safety issue. we certainly have a blood shortage in our community. >> reporter: today, the mayor and vice mayor were not allowed to give blood, because they are openly gay. >> you can be monogamous relationship with a man for 15 years and still not donate blood.
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if your in a heterosexual relationship, and non- manogomous relationship you can still donate blood. >> reporter: drug users, those who have traveled in certain countries, and patients with certain medications, all information the donors provide, but ultimately, the mayor says the safety should rely on blood testing. >> very important we look at behavior, and using signs, other than a discriminatory policy. >> reporter: the red cross has been an advocate for changing the fda policies, saying there are many gays who are monogamous and low risk. the mayor is calling on the fda to review its screening and change its policies. the last day of july, but
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it feels more like fall. i'll pinpoint how much cooler your neighborhood is going to get tomorrow. >> then finger printing on your phone. the buzz about spy technology in your pocket, worthy of james bond. >> we first told you about a charity doing battle against bedbugs. the key help from an investigator with a nose for trouble.
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new at 10:00, the u.s. department of agriculture is recalling more than 50,000
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pounds of ground beef over fears of e. coli contamination. it was sold in 40 to 60-pound cases to retailer, wholesalers and distributers worldwide. we have an update now on the story we reported exclusively two nights ago. goodwill's bedbug infestation. how a specially trained dog is helping out. >> a specially trained bedbug sniffing dog emerged from goodwill's warehouse in burlingame this afternoon, and says it found now trace. it will be doing a second check tomorrow just to be safe. as we first reported
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exclusively monday, goodwill had to trash much of its stock, enough to fill 15 dumpsters, that's because an employee spotted what appeared to be bedbugs like these. one mother was going to shop for blankets here today, but then found out the outlet was closed. >> i'm not going to risk it. are bedbugs icky? >> reporter: not only icky, their bites can cause rashes. a dog did find evidence of bedbugs in one area. goodwill says the bugs probably came from donated items. donations kept pouring in. we asked if people check them first before dropping them off. >> no, to be honest. i don't check. >> i sympathize, but there's not a whole lot i can do about
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it. i'm just a user, i'm donating something. >> reporter: goodwill estimates items it has to throw out in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and is seeking cash donations to sub set the losses. we have developing news out of antioch, where one person has been shot, and two others wounded. the victims were in the white car you see here. this happened about 7:45 tonight. the car was at somersville road and buchanan. police have not yet released details, but we can tell you the body of the dead victim remains at the scene. the two people wounded have been taken to the hospital. police say a tip generated by a widely circulated surveillance video of a vicious assault during pride weekend has now led to an arrest. this video shows a man kicking a woman in the face near market and delores streets on june 30
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after a gay pride party. 23-year-old christopher porter bailey of oakland is now under arrest for that attack. police say as bad as that kick was though, the woman didn't suffer any lasting injuries. people in the castro district say they still don't feel safe. city leaders were trying to address the problem. >> reporter: frank at tonight's meeting, these whistles and safety tips were given out to residents following several attacks and robberies. bars and restaurants line the streets of the castro, a neighborhood known for its vibrancy, and safety, but some say their perception has changed. >> the castro in my opinion is no longer a safe place to be. >> reporter: this man tells me he and his husband were held at gunpoint weeks ago. >> i was pushed to the ground, and someone was on top of me. i liked up, and i saw a gun.
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>> reporter: they were walking up these stairs by the eureka valley recreation center on a thursday night around 9:00 when they were attacked. >> they got my laptop. patrick's cell phone, and our wedding rings. >> well over 50% of the robberies in san francisco involve some sort of electronic device. >> reporter: they spoke at tonight's community meeting. saying they're treating it seriously. i was at this point a half block from my house. >> reporter: still, police say there's an uptick in robberies in the castro. neighbors tell me there is an increased awareness of crimes, because victims are sharing their experiences online. >> people's perception of danger, just keeps going up and up, as more of it gets reported in the social media. >> reporter: still, at tonight's meeting concerned residents are asking for more
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deterrents. >> do we have sensor lighting that we would be able to input, to make sure when you are walking through a neighborhood that you are well lit? >> reporter: police say there has been a handful of robberies in the last few months, but overall, the castro is still a safe neighborhood. reporting live in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. oakland is moving forward with plans to build a realtime surveillance center despite objections that say it would push the city to a police state. >> motion passes. thank you. last night the city council voted to accept a $2 million federal grant to create a donation center. that center is slated to open next june. the oakland city council also approved a controversial measure to ban so-called tools
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of violence from protests. the bans would cover items such as hammers, wrenches, and firecrackers. some said the ban was too broad, and it could end up banning protest signs and other eye tells. the council agreed to make some changes to address those concerned. daly city are asking for the public's help to find a 30- year-old woman who disappeared two days ago, along with her small dog. she has not been seen since monday. she left home in a mercedes. she had her 1-year-old yorkshire terrier with her. anyone with information on her whereabouts is asked to call police. ♪ [ music ] temperatures today 81 in fairfield. it was 87 in antioch. some temperatures a little below average throughout the bay area. temperatures tomorrow, slightly cooler than these. so we're going to see a little bit more cooling, as that fog really pushes inland. it's not there right now. the fog is going to fill back in, and we'll get a push to the
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san bruno gap in hayward. kind of a slow burn off, and the daytime highs end up like this. what you're going to notice is oranges and reds, 80s, and 90s, are east of the bay area. most temperatures in our area, 60s, and 70s, with low 80s on the edges. when i come back, i'll get specifically for your forecast high for tomorrow. then the bay area weekend, because temperatures are going to gradually warm up. teenagers in abusive relationships. the numbers may find surprising, and who's admitting to the abuse? and in two minutes, south bay's newest elected official outlines her priority. >> first, new rules for the so- called morning after pill. the changes that take effect as of tomorrow.
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the emergency contraceptive plan b is set to hit store shelves tomorrow. the morning after pill will be available over-the-counter for anyone to buy without prescription. the federal government fought to keep the age restriction, but gave up last month after losing a series of court battles. the cost rages from 50 to $70. back in public office after winning a special election for santa clara county supervisor, she defeated theresa alvarado for the seat once held by george shirakawa. why chavez says she will hit the ground running. >> reporter: she headed into her new home this afternoon, where she will be for at least the next three and a half years or so. she was elected to the santa clara county board of supervisors last night, winning
10:25 pm
a special election to replace george shirakawa who resigned in may. she spent the day accepting congratulations, and meeting with top county officials to get up to speed. >> that's the recommended budget. here's a summary of the entire county structure. >> it has the highest rate of unemployment. the highest number of people without health insurance. >> reporter: many people in the district also point out crime. >> what i like to see is the gang stuff straightened up. that bothers me more than anything. just all the killings around this area. >> reporter: others say the emotional scars from the shirakawa scandal means chavez needs to be a community presence. >> just getting her face out there, would be a big help. >> reporter: chavez agrees. >> one of the first things i have to do is make sure i spend enough time in the community to make sure people understand there's a living bridge between
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them and the county. >> reporter: she will return here next week to be sworn in. at that point, she'll get the title, but she's already started the job. in san jose, robert honda, ktvu, channel 2 news. new research finds that more than 1/3 of american teenagers say they have been involved in an abusive relationship. ktvu obtained the results of a new study that suggests many teens experience physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. 41% of girls, and 37% of boys say they have been victims of dating abuse, and 35% of girls compared to 29% of boys admitting about abusive. teens we spoke to today say they've had similar experiences. >> he lied to me, and he said bad things about me. >> have you kind of said some things, that come back and even
10:27 pm
be more angry. >> a psychiatrist at cpmc told's today's culture glorifies bad behavior. she says parents can help by establishing limits with their children. george zimmerman has another brush with the law. >> there's talk apple is considering new technology for its new iphone. >> first, vodka poured right into the street.
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gay rights advocates dumped vodka to protest russia's anti-
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gay laws. the boycott was heavily on stoli vodka. it is made and sold in 100 countries, including the u.s. a group has agreed to pay a $100 million fine for substituting alcohol with cheap brands. a recent sting operation turned up evidence of liquor switches. they operate the t.g.i. friday's in union city. managers there say they do not substitute premium alcohol. maureen naylor is in los gatos tonight to explain how pass codes could soon be a thing of the past. >> reporter: frank, apple is known not to shy away from any attention. there's talks the new iphone could have a bigger screen, and possibly a way to unlock the
10:31 pm
phone without typing in a pass code. apple developers reportedly got their hands on the latest version of the ios7 this week. it has hints of a fingerprint scanner, being tested on the next iphone, and ipad. we asked how likely it is the rumors are true. >> well, i think it's likely. a lot of security problems with the product, particularly people concerned about losing their data and information on their phone, and the fingerprint scanner can address that problem. >> reporter: instead of typing in a pass code, you might be able to simply access a locked phone, by sweeping your finger. a bio metric reader would scan the unique ridges of a finger print. >> yeah, i think that would be good. anything that quick and easy. i don't know if that's just the common theme of my generation or what. >> at our school, people's iphones get taken a lot and broken into easily. that would be cool. >> reporter: it is already used by law enforcement, and on some
10:32 pm
laptops. >> business laptops have had them pretty successfully, other than the smartphone that president obama has, it's has only occurred on a security market. >> reporter: motorola tried it on this phone. >> just going to swipe it here. >> reporter: but for other reasons it didn't succeed. >> that's very high in technology right there. but yeah, i don't see the problem with it. i mean, as long as they have everything worked out before we get it. >> reporter: saying just because a fingerprint scanner is being tested, doesn't mean it will happen for a variety of reasons. saying the technology will have to test well, adding that it has improved in recent years. los gatos, maureen naylor, ktvu, channel 2 news. a transgender teen is calling on governor brown to
10:33 pm
pass a bill that they could take part in activities based on their gender and not their sex. the legislation allows transgender students to use bathrooms they choose. he says he doesn't participate in sports programs, because it's too uncomfortable. >> i'm a boy, right, and i was put in a class of all girls in pe. so every day, going into that class, it was just kind of like, it was only me. no one understood what it was like. >> the office says the bill is expected to go to the governor's office this week. the sentencing hearing for bradley manning began today. he is facing a maximum sense of 113 years in prison. manning admitted giving
10:34 pm
thousands of government documents to the website wikileaks. the sentencing hearing is expected to last for several weeks. george zimmerman, the man acquitted in the death of trayvon martin is back in the news, after being pulled over for speeding in texas, with a gun in the glove compartment of his car. these are photos from the officer's dash cam video. the officer pulled zimmerman over last sunday. zimmerman told the officer that he was armed. the officer let zimmerman off with a warning and told him to slow down. the u.s. added 200,000 jobs in july. the service sector saw the most new jobs. 177,000. jobs producing goods amounted to 22,000 new jobs. manufacture payroll fell by 5,000. the feds said it will keep buying $85,000 a month in bonds
10:35 pm
to keep long term interest rates low. currently the unemployment is 7.6%. that news had mixed effects on the markets today. the dow jones industrial average finished the day 25 points lower. nasdaq gained 9. turnout was high, and orderly in zimbabwe's election. the two men have participated in an uneasy coalition government that was formed after more than 200 people died during the violence that followed the last disputed presidential election. rio de janeiro, veiled mannequins lined the beach. a symbol of the 35,000 people who have gone missing over just the last five years. the latest case, a father of six, picked up by police in mid- june, who has not been seen
10:36 pm
since. activists say the majority of those who disappeared were likely killed by organized crime, or by police. in china, sweltering temperatures have sent people by the droves to seek relief in a saltwater wave pool. today, the chinese meteorlogical -- at least ten deaths are blamed on the heat. shanghai is experiencing the hottest july in over 100 years. heavy machinery bending steel plates into shape. in 8 minutes, we will take you inside the plant making, a permanent fix for problems on the bay bridge. >> bill martin back with your complete bay area forecast, and he'll tell us if a warm up is in store. >> you get to come here. he's not strange. >> a special day for a special guest. the common sacrifice that brought these families together today.
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an alleged victim of sexual abuse as filed a claim. joseph martin is currently in jail, facing 91 felony counts
10:40 pm
of child molestation. the claim alleges that faculty members, including the school's principal failed to act earlier on claims of abuse involving martin. authorities led a 12-year- old suspect into the san andreas courthouse with his head covered. boy is accused of killing his 8- year-old sister when the two were alone, but the boy insists it was an intruder who did it. they've ask the court for more time to review evidence. >> testing the forensic evidence, and interviewing witnesses is still ongoing. the evidence is slowly making its way to us. >> reporter: the boy's family attended today's hearing and left without comment. today looks like any other
10:41 pm
summer day at 6 flags discovery kingdom in vallejo. some of the children out enjoying the rights and animals are grieving the loss of a parent in war. ktvu's ken pritchett shows us the effort to bring those children together for laughter, and healing. >> reporter: cheers from children at the discovery kingdom dolphins show can be heard almost every day, but these children are special guests. special, because of their family's sacrifice to this country. >> it's just nice to know, there's other people going through the same thing out there. usually, in your community, you're the only one. >> reporter: 23 gold star wives, and 62 children of fallen military members were invited to spend time together, talk, eat, and just enjoy the day. >> i get to meet more kids, and get more fun. it's really fun. >> reporter: a charity called snowball express brings these
10:42 pm
gold star families together. today's event sponsored by green beans coffee company. >> one mother said she has people tell her i know how you feel, well they don't know how she feels. >> reporter: and a child who's lost a parent can relate to another who's lost one. >> he's not strange. not something he has to explain or anything like that. he is just like everybody else. >> actually a lot more fun than going back to school. >> reporter: these events have been taking place since the charity was founded just after 9/11, the mission, it seems, creating joy, and a connection between families achieved today. >> it gives us like good memories, and good positive things to move on in the future. it's not, everything's not sad. >> reporter: ken pritchard, ktvu, channel 2 news. what's in a name? the mistake forcing stanford to replace every diploma put out
10:43 pm
in the last four years. >> a mild, temperature trend. when your area will start to warm up in the complete bay area forecast. >> a look at the massive failures plaguing the bay bridge. [ female announcer ] when you asked us to remove
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new video tonight following an armed robbery that left two people injured in oakland. two armed men approached workers a the a construction site on 70th avenue near international boulevard, demanding their money, wallets and phones. during that beating, a gun went off, but neither victim was hurt. no arrests at this point have been made. the permanent fix for those broken earthquake bolts on the new eastern span of the new bay area bridge is well underway now. our consumer editor takes us
10:46 pm
way inside the plant, where the saddle system is being fabricated. >> reporter: xkt engineering invited the community to the bay area today to see the progress made on the so-called seismic saddles. >> one set of saddles are being made here. another set are being made in birmingham, alabama in another shot. >> reporter: slowly bent in u shapes, like a leather saddle. then hauling up pathways are steel cables will run, so they can lash the saddles down to the bridge pillar. to create the pathways for those hundreds of cables that will actually hold the saddles down, youster to mill them out of that 3-inch metal, creating millions, and millions of slivers of metal, as you do. >> reporter: when done, it will be sealed, and surrounded by concrete, and rebar casings to
10:47 pm
complete this permanent fix. >> once you put them in, and stretch them down, and lock them off. you fill the whole void. >> reporter: the systems expected to be fully in place sometime in december. there's still a chance the bridge could be open much earlier, if caltrans adopts a temporary quick fix. congress today passed a bill that cut interest rates for student loans, close to where they were back in june. federally subsidized stafford loans were at 3.4% until july 1 when they doubled to 6.8%. this new bill, that was passed today, sets the rate at 3.9%. the bill now heads to president obama who is expected to approve it. stanford university says it will replace all diplomas is issued during the past four quarters, because of a signature goof up. acoreing to the stanford daily, the diplomas were signed by a former board of trustees chair,
10:48 pm
instead of the current chair. the mistake doesn't affect anyone's graduation status, and stanford says it will reissue the diplomas upon request. older people who have low levels of red blood cells could be at increased risk of developing dementia. that's according to a new study released today out of uc san francisco. researchers tested more than 2,000 people aged 70 to 79 for anemia and dementia over 11 years. people who were anemic at the start of the study were 40% more likely to develop dementia. it could be an indicater of overall poor health. tomorrow, crews may spray for mosquitoes to stop the spread of west nile virus. it expected to start tomorrow night. in anticipation of the fogging, they spent tonight notifying residents who live in the area.
10:49 pm
a bit of a mild day out there today. fog cleared from the coast this evening around sunset. you saw sunshine out in pacifica, and el granada. the fog will be in there tomorrow morning as you go about your day. 60degrees no livermore. the winds are blowing a little bit in the delta area. winds up to 29 miles per hour, which is very typical of this time of night. the san francisco airport has wind at this time as well, 25 miles an hour. again, very typical, but it illustrates all the cool air and fog is reforming, pushing its way into the inland bay tonight. fog comes back tonight. tomorrow morning, clouds, and slightly cooler in the extended forecast, we've got a subtle warm up headed your way. a subtle cool down tomorrow. with temperatures in the bay, in the mid-60s, then you'll
10:50 pm
find 70s, where they should be 80s, or 80s, where there are typically 90s. upper 70s, and some low 80s in the inland bay valleys. high pressure sits here, and that keeps us warm. that's the typical summer weather pattern. what we're seeing now, and what we've been seeing a bit of this yore is this low pressure taking over for that high, and gives us a below average weather pattern. that's where we are now. we started that way earlier in the week. we're continuing that way, this will weaken us a little bit as we get into the weekend, and temperatures will warm up. that low still stays close enough to us, that we're going to see some impact from it. 80 in fairfield tomorrow. 76 in napa. 72 in vallejo. a little below average in some places. 78 in danville. 79 in livermore. air quality is good. that smoke around here, out of the area. that's good. or not as much of it.
10:51 pm
good winds pushed that out. fog alog the coast tomorrow. 72 in san mateo tomorrow. 73 in menlo park. the forecast highs for thursday, friday's temperatures come up just a little bit. tomorrow will be a little cooler than today. that's the plan anyway. friday, a little warmer. saturday, sunday, you get the picture. just a nice weather pattern. a lower fire danger. we say that, but it's a big deal when you're a firefighter, or worried about fires in this area. this is the time of year, you know, when high temperatures, and those bad winds, this pattern is not really a nasty fire condition. >> it looks like a comfortable pattern for the beginning of august. mark is here for sports. a rough couple of days for the a's. >> yeah, a little role reversal. giants win, a's lose. not so fast for the rangers, trimming the a's lead to 4 games in the west. they're headed this way for the weekend. 3rd inning, scoreless, jed
10:52 pm
lowrie to right field. eric sogard will score, because jose batista throws the ball, basically into the stands for an error. 5th inning, the a's are down 2- 1. the sun played havoc all afternoon. brandon moss, tough, maicer izturis can't hang. sogard again will score. 3 runs for toronto in that flame. colby rasmus pings it to right. 5-2 final. the rangers in for the weekend, three game series starts friday night. the giants stand pat at the trading deadline. it comes and goes, at least for one night, it looked like a couple of ways to improve might be right under their collective noses. the philly phanatic nearly runs down a few of the guys. then the youngsters, a 4 run 1st. the kid, roger's first big
10:53 pm
league hit. also, an rbi with it. the family in for the night. 4-0 giants. looked pretty good in left field. that's a nice catch. to rob darren ruff of extra bases. this blast for the distance. the giants don't homer anymore, so that's nice to see for them. chad gaudin, 7 strong. 9-2 final. giants win it. headed to 49ers training camp, as we creep closer to the first preseason game, and we'll hear from one of the unsung heros of the defensive line. 2nd half of sports wrap coming right up. look at 'em.
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♪ the dodge summer clearance event. right now get 0% financing for up to 72 months and no payments for 90 days on all dodge vehicles. well you know the 49ers are not going to sneak up on anyone this year. it seems as though the national media is always focusing on their high profile offense. they were ranked 3rd stingiest in the nfl as a defense, and the 4th toughest team to pass and rush against. one of the unsung heros, ray mcdonald comes through with a sack in the super bowl last january. who knows, with the way his attitude is, he feels they can improve even more.
10:57 pm
>> we can improve all around. you know, our red zone, our defense, we looked at that today. it wasn't that good. we gave up a lot of touchdowns. we've got to improve on that. i'm pretty sure there were other yeas that the coach is going to hit on. we'll focus on that going into camp more. of course you would never know, but i don't really see jim harbaugh doing what his brother john did the other day with his team, the ravens. bringing an ice cream truck in to break up the monotony of camp. looks like the guys went full tilt with that. breaking their diets. all around, a pretty good idea. i talked recently, fairly recently to john madden. he said training camp used to be fun. you'd get your work in, but you'd also have fun, that was kind of nice to see. so much of it is business right now. >> looks like that was fun. >> old school. thank you for making ktvu
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your choice for news. >> the ktvu morning team will have the latest on negotiations to try to avoid a second b.a.r.t. strike. we're always here for you on on twitter, and your mobile device.
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